Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lunchbox Notes

Monday through Friday, my husband and/or I pack our children's lunches for school. And every Monday through Friday, we write notes to put in their lunchboxes. They aren't great literary works or life-changing messages (After all, we're writing them at 7 o'clock in the morning.), but they do serve as little reminders to our children of how much we love them and are proud of them. They have become an important staple of school lunchtime, and on the rare instance that we forget to include a note, our children let us know about it!

This past week I started working a part-time job (which I haven't done in a decade!), and I am taking my lunch to the office. Yesterday I found in my lunchbag a wonderful little note from my husband, letting me know how much he loves me and is proud of me. I can see how a person could get used to reading these things each day!

Mama Question: Do you stick notes in your kids' lunchboxes or anywhere else? How do you think it affects them?


sabrina said...

I do! I think it brings a smile in the middle of the day! I can't think of anything better for a child to feel in the middle of their over-packed, much expected outta them little days...but to feel KNOWN and LOVED!

sabrina said...

I even make & sell personalized Lunch Box Notes! You can have anything on them you'd like! Name, Bible verese...footballs, name it! Here's a link to the Lunch Box Note album! click on this link or search Olive Juice & Dandelions on facebook!!/album.php?aid=19503&id=123598097667285&fbid=123627637664331