Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Everything just goes so much smoother for Mamas when our children are obedient. I'm not sure why kiddos like to test this so much. You'd think they'd learn that things go much smoother for them, too, when they obey!  We give them opportunities to turn their behavior around by giving them warnings and even giving them the 1-2-3 count that advises "You will not like what comes after 3." When the right choice is made, it's a wonderful thing. But when the disobedience persists, we have to take action. And contrary to our children's beliefs, we don't enjoy doling out the punishment.

Mamas out there, stay strong! Stick to your guns Be consistent with your expectations for obedience in your children. They'll thank us for it . . . some day.

I want to ask this Mama how she does it.

Question for you: How do you encourage obedience in your kids?


4 J's said...

When I catch mine doing something right, I praise them big time. I feel that if they hear me praise them, next time they are tempted to disobey they might think twice. Time out works for my two year old and my six year old gets tv taken away (and she thinks I have cut her arm off when that happens!)

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Yes! Praise goes a long, long way! Time out and no screen time are usually effective in our house, too.

Christy Bullock said...

Time outs (for the 3 yr old) and taking away video games (for 6 yr old and next for 3 yr old) usually come first. I have also found that loud praise for obedience is effective. It's still quite challenging as they both like to test me.

I love the picture. The ducks are a great image!