Monday, May 31, 2010

Washable Paint

Last Christmas, my *sister brought shirts and paint for our daughters to enjoy creating their own fashions together. Which they did. My girls love anything bright and colorful and creative! So they decorated their new white tops with rainbows and polka dots and their names in various colors and then laid the shirts out across a table to dry. Except that there wasn't quite enough room on the table for all the shirts. So one got placed on the piano bench.

This was all good and fine, except that my five-year-old likes to play the piano. And she's not always aware of her surroundings. She also doesn't always tell us immediately if there's something wrong. Case in point . . .

Apparently Katie's blue-jeaned bottom rubbed up against the freshly painted shirt that was drying on the piano bench. Then she apparently sat on the futon, which had a bed sheet covering it at the time. Then she apparently went into the bathroom and brushed her bottom against the white wall. Then she apparently went into her bedroom and sat on the carpeted floor. Lastly, she apparently hid behind her bedroom door and brushed her painted bottom across the yellow wall.

And (apparently) the blue, white, and hot pink paint was not washable.

All this to say that I am reminded daily--and in various rooms--why Mamas love washable paint.

*Note to my sister: I love you. And I love art projects. But just as all glitter projects have been, I'm afraid non-washable paint projects are henceforth banished to the outdoors. In addition, I need to work on Katie's attentiveness and communication skills.

Question for you: Do you have any stories to share involving children and paint?

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Kris_Merianne said...

I can't think of any specific stories, but know that several involve the words "accident" and "I don't know how that got there". This also applies to markers (and we LOVE the washable ones of those as well), crayons, and stickers in places they shouldn't be. Glitter is banned in our house too!