Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shopping for School Supplies (or Not)

Yesterday I took all three of my children to buy school supplies. This is the first year that we will have all three of them in school, so it's a pretty big milestone. The first stop was for Katie, my youngest, to pick out her first backpack. Huge decision. And it was all craziness from that point on . . .

I was juggling four very specific lists of school supplies, my own shopping list for home, coupons, a shopping cart, Icees for the kids (Maybe my first mistake?), and a Frappucino for myself (Not a mistake.). My children weren't acting bad; they were just excited about school supplies. But when they get excited, they talk loudly, rapidly, and constantly, which does nothing good for my ADDness when it comes to shopping.

We managed to get out in about an hour and a half with an overflowing shopping cart and a lot less money in the bank. And I was in need of both a shower and a tranquilizer. But we're well-equipped for a new school year. We'll just have to hitch up the U-Haul to the back of the van to lug all these supplies up to the school.

Mama Question: What school supplies shopping stories do you have to share?

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laurie said...

The image of that story is hilarious. I can hear their very excited voices now. And yes, sugar-high slurpies were probably not the best choice if you're going for a calm experience. But I'm sure they loved you for such a treat. :)

Merianne said...

Oh my gosh, I am so on board with everything you are saying...including the Icee! They think they are being helpful: "What about this Mama?", "Don't I need one of these?". And I only have one in school. I will definitely need that Frappacino when I'm shopping for all four!!

Christy Bullock said...

I can imagine y'all doing this. However, I cannot imagine how I would handle that situation. We did well this year, but I only have one in school to buy supplies for. I also got the supplies a few weeks ago so that I wouldn't have to also add my stress of being crowded by strangers.

We had a system this year. Tyler had the list to read to me what we needed and marked it off as we got it. Tucker was cooperative enough that day to be in the cart to "organize" the supplies as Tyler and I handed them to him.

We did ok this year. We'll see about next year. I want to see the new backpacks! And I definitely want to hear about the first day of school from all of them, but particularly Katie this year! :)

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

There will definitely be reports on our first day of school.