Thursday, July 8, 2010

Children Who Love Reading

Whether they're reading on their own, being read to, or just looking at the pictures, children who savor books are a joy to behold! Although their first taste of reading tastes much like cardboard as they gnaw on a board book with their slimy gums, it can still lead to a lifelong love of books. Even a baby's ripping out the pages of a storybook shouldn't be misinterpreted as not loving books. Maybe they just think each page is good enough to stand alone. Maybe.

As children begin to learn to recognize letters and then words and then sentences, a whole new world [Cue Disney music.] opens up for them. It gives them a new sense of pride (the good kind) and independence and accomplishment. And we Mamas would do well to go out of our way to enforce and encourage this particular habit. After all, it's a habit we'll never even want to have them break.

Mama Question: Do your children love books? How do you encourage reading at your house?


Christy Bullock said...

I LOVE that my boys love reading. Tyler has always loved books, and we read a lot, which led to him being an early reader. He read about 30 or so different chapter books during the school year last year. He's taking a bit of a break this summer. I think he's read 1 chapter book. :(

And I love to watch Tucker learning too. It's funny to watch him "read" his own books, and even some of Tyler's. His desire is there.

Reading is something I will almost never refuse when they ask, unlike the games of chase or star wars or something active. :) I love to read, and love seeing my boys read too!

Anonymous said...

Matthew LOVES books. We go to the library all the time to get new books, and he loves to check them out himself. I certainly hope this love of reading continues as he grows up!