Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Being Bombarded With Instructions

As my family and I were driving down the road the other day, I suddenly felt bombarded by all the road signs and billboards barking for my attention, telling me what to do.
crazy-road-signs.jpg picture by CassCass9395
"Eat here!"

"Turn there!"

"Sleep here and use our free WiFi!"

"Call this number! NOW!"

"Don't miss this!"

"Advertise here!"

"Don't go this way!"

"Watch out for animals crossing!"

"You need to remodel your bathroom!"

Seriously. If you paid attention to every sign along the road, you would feel bombarded with orders. As I thought more about this, I started laughing to myself at the similarities between navigating your way through all the signs on the road and navigating your way through Mamahood. It seems that from the first "We're having a baby!" announcement until that baby is off to college (or even beyond), there are people all around you barking their opinions about what you should do with your baby and how you should raise your child. Unfortunately, a lot of it is unsolicited, much like the billboards. Thankfully, though, there is often some really helpful information thrown into the mix--something you're glad to know about (like that you're literally going the wrong way).

As Mamas, we just have to know our course, know where we want to go and how we'd like to get there. Even if it's the scenic route. Pay attention to the signs that are helpful and ignore the ones that aren't. 

After all, there's more than to be a Mama.

Mama Question: How do you handle unsolicited instructions on being a Mama?

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