Wednesday, April 21, 2010

People NOT Sticking Their Fingers in Our Baby's Mouth  True story: When my first-born was only about six months old, she and my husband accompanied me to a hair appointment. As I sat in the spinny chair, Kevin and Callie waited in the lobby, where a very opinionated woman also waited. She promptly told Kevin that "he shouldn't have that baby in here with all these fumes." Just as promptly, Kevin and Callie left. But mostly to get away from the woman. Unfortunately, she followed them outside and started asking all kinds of questions about my baby--including asking about any teeth she had coming in. Before Kevin could utter a syllable, this woman








Oh yes she did.

Folks, don't ever do this.  This woman almost found herself looking for her own teeth.

Question for you: Have you had any similar experiences with your baby and a total stranger?


Christy Bullock said...

I don't remember ever hearing that story! That is awful! What was she thinking?

morrisfamily68 said...

I had a friend put her spit on her finger and wipe ink off of my child's hands. I just don't know what people are thinking.

I was just at the dentist with my 3 month old baby in a stroller. This woman leaned over to talk to him and drool dripped from her mouth down onto him. OMG! Gross! Lord help us all.

Jenn said...

i had a lady use her 5 inch long nails to tickle my baby's cheek. her nails were all curled up and shiny red on top and yellowed and crusty on the underside. i was so disgusted.

laurie said...

I was with Julie (our sister) at a baseball game once when Harris was a baby. A complete stranger came up and started talking to him, cooing, etc. It wasn't weird at first, but then she started getting more and more into Julie's and Harris's personal space. The next thing I knew, this complete stranger basically tore Harris from Julie's arms and was kissing him! Julie very quickly grabbed him back and continued walked away. I was in shock and also ready to punch the woman while Julie took the baby and ran! :)

Emily said...

Wow... that is just so terrible. What was she thinking?!

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Good grief, people are bold!