Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleeping Through the Night In my opinion, the hardest part about having a newborn is the lack of uninterrupted sleep. You start to think that a full eight hours is a thing of the past and something you might not see again till your kids check you into the nursing home. Now if the baby is the one who's sleeping, everyone tip-toes around and shooshes each other, threatening to seriously injure anyone who wakes the slumbering babe. But does the babe return the favor when you lay your pretty little head down to take a snooze? Nope. That's just the kid's signal to cry and demand that you get back up. It's a good thing babies are small and cute. Whom else would we allow to treat us so?

But then one night it happens. You wake up in the morning and--after you've recovered from the panicked feeling that your baby has stopped breathing--realize that your baby might conform to the rest of humanity's idea of a full night's sleep after all.  And when this happens, it's a glorious, glorious day. And night.

Question for you: How long did it take your baby to start sleeping through the night?


4 J's said...

My first was sleeping all night at 3 months. My second, and last because of many reasons this just being one, was 7 months old. That tired is like no other!

Melissa Nettles' blog said...

Kate: 3 months. Joshua: 7 1/2months. Jack: We'll see! I think Joshua would have slept through the night sooner, but I never could muster up the strength to "boot camp" him and let him cry it out a few nights. I knew if I just got up and fed him I could be back in my bed in just 30 minutes. Then, very mysteriously, we woke up TWO mornings in a row to find that the monitor was off! We have no idea how/who/when it got turned off, but ever since then Joshua's been sleeping through the night. :)

Doyl, Robin, Whitley, Anna said...

Whitley: 10 weeks
Anna: 12 or 13 weeks
We LOVE Babywise!

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

I'm a fan of Babywise, too. 4J's, you're right--that tired IS like no other!!!