Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today marks day two of a five-day "Camp Dottie and PawPaw" for my children. That's right--five whole days that my children are not at home. They are enjoying Vacation Bible School and a week with their grandparents, and my husband and I are enjoying having the house to ourselves. (Truth be told, though, we really miss our kids.)

Grandparents are so wonderful. It really is a special relationship--one that they tell us middle-folks (a.k.a. the parents) we just cannot understand. That's okay, though; we're happy to simply enjoy the perks, like free babysitting. Nevermind the fact that our children become completely spoiled when they're with them. The trade is definitely worth it!

Mama Question: How often do your kids get to see their grandparents?

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Jen said...

Not often enough! Charlie's grandparents are in Greenwood, MS, Philadelphia, PA, and Spartanburg, SC - too far away for the babysitting perk. But he definitely has a very special relationship with them all, and a pretty clear picture of how much he is loved! I remember that relationship with my grandparents, too - their houses were like magic!