Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swimming Pools Jackson, Mississippi today, it is supposed to feel like it's more than a hundred degrees outside. (It does.) Where my sister lives in Louisiana, the forecast actually said "ridiculously hot" this week. It's hot, people. So my kids and I are taking full advantage of our YMCA membership and are spending hours and hours and hours at the pool, just as we have the past two summers.

It's a wonderful thing, because we're able to be outside and can actually tolerate it. (Bonus for me and my daughter Katie: no mosquitoes at the pool.) Also, I'm spending great time with my kids, because I'm much more likely to play at the pool than I am at home, where I'm distracted by tasks. (I won't lie, though--I do get some poolside reading and resting done, too.) Even though we go for hours at a time, I have never once heard my children say, "I'm bored" at the pool. Plus, they're getting all kinds of exercise, which not only is great for their bodies and minds and spirits, but it also wears them slap out. So bedtime's a breeze.

Off to the pool now!

Mama Question: Do you and your kiddos frequent the pool? How often do you go?

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Christy Bullock said...

Amen! We don't have the daily access to a pool, although we have a friend that invites us to their neighborhood pool. But we do have our Blue Bayou waterpark season passes. We will be going once a week this summer! And the forecast was accurate. It is "ridiculously hot" out there!