Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tips for Air Travel with Kids

In the last week or so, I've seen numerous requests from Mamas for advice in how to "successfully" do air travel with little ones in tow. Here's what I have to say about that:
  • Be sure to have things to entertain your little one. Don't be like me when I first flew with my nine-month-old. I didn't bring a single toy on the plane. Therefore, we were reduced to playing with a barf bag. Thankfully, it was empty.
  • Take the car seat! If there's an empty seat, you get to strap your kid down, and no one will think less of you for it. 
  • Remember that you will most likely never see these people again. So if they are less than understanding of your situation, just give them the look that you've been practicing. (Hope you brought your glasses!)
  • When all else fails, tell them the kid is teething.

Mama Question: What flying tips do you have?


Anonymous said...

A huge backpack with lots of pockets.
Slip on shoes for you and kiddo.
You don't need a laptop when you travel--really.
Easy-to-fold stroller.
Food and formula at the top of your backpack--have to declare.

Got a round of applause from security officials in the Houston airport. Passengers also told me how well-behaved my baby was (I didn't think so!) and how prepared I was.

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

These are great, Keira! I'm sure the security officials DID like you!