Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun Friday: Pistachio Giveaway (What?)

That's right--I have a Pistachio to give away! Of the VeggieTales DVD variety, that is. It's a lesson in listening to your parents. Who wants it? (Who wouldn't?!)

To be entered to win, you'll have to tell on yourself this time. Leave a comment here and tell us about a time when you didn't listen to your parents . . . and should have.

I'll start: My mother told me that I would one day regret not sticking with an instrument. Once upon a time (but not at the same time), I played piano, clarinet, and cello. Today I can play none of them. However, I can play a mean egg shaker. Oh well. She told me so.

Your turn. Do it fast, though, because the drawing will be at 7:00 tonight!


Melissa Cumberland Powell said...

My parents used to tell me to NEVER go down this certain road because it was in a bad area. Well, I was late one night and I took that road because it was a short cut and guess what... My car broke down. I had to call them to come get me.

MJSmith said...

My parents told me not to date a certain guy and boy were they right. He was the biggest jerk on the face of the earth and caused a lot of pain before our relationship was over.

J Kyzar said...

I gotta be honest there were several times that I didn't listen to my parents, but I can't remember a SINGLE TIME I regretted it. I guess that just shows how responsible I was with my own judgement or that I had parents that only told me what to do for really stupid things. I'll keep pondering, but I wanted to get in on the give away!