Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Helping Hands Week: Hugging, Not Hitting

Last week I asked Mamas to tell me how they like to encourage their children to use their hands. Sherry said, "My son is a hitter. So we constantly talk about how hands are not for hitting. Hands are for helping and hugging and being gentle."

When little ones get frustrated, they don't always know how to handle it. (Neither do I, kids.) Particularly before they have learned how to verbally communicate their feelings, I think it's just instinctive to act on them physically. So it's our job as parents to continually remind our children that hitting is not appropriate.

I like Sherry's suggestion--hugging! Unless they're like my daughter when she was little. She hugged a little too tightly sometimes. Talk about tough love.

Mama Question: How have you dealt with little ones who like to hit?

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