Monday, October 11, 2010

Helping Hands Week: Doing Dishes

Last week I asked Mamas to tell me how they like to encourage their children to use their hands. Emily said, "I have my kids scrape the plate and put it in the sink for me, this helps tremendously when I start to load the dishwasher. My four year old can do this easily."

We're trying to get better about this at my house, Emily! My children are entirely capable of clearing the table and scraping their plates. Sometimes I find myself caught up in the years-long habit of doing things for my children, that I don't even consider that they can actually do things for themselves now. (This is not a good thing.) Or else I'm afraid they'll break a dish or make a mess or not rinse properly or just plain take a long time getting it done. But it is worth all these things in order to teach them how to help with the dishes and contribute to the family.

Thanks for the reminder!

Mama Question: Do your children help with the dishes? Have a great story to share about it? Do it here!


Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hi Carrie,
My children (all teens now) started helping with dishes at 3. YES--three years of age!
I actually moved the cupboard for the plates from the upper cabinet to a lower one that was right beside the d/w. They could unload the bottom rack of dishes easily into this cabinet cabinet. They stood on chairs to sort the silverware into its drawer divider. My husband wasn't sure about having the dishes down in that lower cabinet until I asked him if he would like to be in charge of unloading the d/w every morning...LOL Faced with that alternative, he quickly came on board! :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew is responsible for putting his plate, fork, spoon, and cup in the sink after dinner. He only uses plastic as he is so short and practically has to throw everything up there. Regardless, he still has a job to do. :)

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

These are great!