Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Pictures

Tomorrow is picture day at my children's school. Which made me think of last year's picture day . . .

Much to my mother's despair, I don't always spend a lot of time on my girls' hair. And my boy's hair--well, we never brush it. We just tousle it with our hands. (Honestly, it looks best that way. He's got great hair!) But for picture day, I do try to make my girls' hair look really nice, which includes making sure it's been washed the previous night.

So this time last year, my then-third grade daughter decided to do something a little "extra" with her hair . . . without my knowing it. Apparently, after she'd already been put to bed, she got up and put her hair into about a dozen different tiny twists.

The next morning, I woke her up and discovered what she'd done. Since we had gotten up late, as usual, there wasn't enough time to rewash, dry, and style her hair. Plus, this was something that she had wanted to do, so we just went with it. As I began taking down and untwisting her hair, I found it to be the frizziest, tangled mess I'd ever seen. The more I brushed it, the worse it got. So I started spraying it down with water and ended up pulling some of it back away from her face, at least taming it a bit.

Callie loved it. So we left it. And the smile on her face in her third grade picture far outshines her hair that day. (Thank goodness.)

Mama Question: What has been your worst school picture experience (either your own or your child's)? Bonus points if you share the picture with us!

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